10 Best Drum Books — Of All Time

We have been talking about drum lessons and all the ways to learn to play drums. Today I have collected the best drum books … in the world today. In my search on the Internet I saw several lists of the best books but … this is always subjective and who can define what is best.  But there are certain book titles that continue to show up … decade after decade.

They are …

  1. Stick Control (George L. Stone)
  2. Syncopation (Ted Reed)
  3. Advanced Techniques For The Modern Drummer (Jim Chapin)
  4. The New Breed (Gary Chester)
  5. Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer (Jim Chapin)
  6. Accents and Rebounds (George L. Stone)
  7. Master Studies (Joe Morello)
  8. Advanced Funk Studies (Rick Latham)

Yes, I know I only have 8 on my list … but … Let the debate continue but these books contain the fundamentals of drumming.  These books are … at times … challenging and at first glance … simplistic. [until you try to play the exercises]

BUT … add these books to your library and start practicing …

Have fun.


My online reference are the following …

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