3 Most Important Things to Consider in choosing a band

When you choose a band to play in, it is important that you feel comfortable with your decision.  Here are 3 important things I found when looking for a new band to join.

1)  Being in a band is about relationship

Like it or not, being in a band is a relationship with all the members. Make sure you are comfortable with the people. If you are not comfortable with the people, the music won’t come out right and you won’t have as much fun as you want to.

Consider a couple issues … are these people like me and do we have the same taste in music? Do we love the same bands? Do we have a similar vision for making music and playing for people?  These are real important questions to consider when choosing a band.

2) Can they play?

After you are comfortable with the people, the second most important thing is … can they play?  And … even more important … can they sing?  Nothing kills a band quicker than a bad singer. The thing about instruments and musicians … is that you can tune their instruments.  With singers, if they don’t sing well the band will always struggle.

3) Do they play live on a regular basis?

The last thing to consider in choosing a band is … do they play live on a regular basis?  A band is only as good as they perform live … in my opinion.  A band can play all day in the garage, but if they can’t engage an audience they won’t last long. This is true of big name recording acts as well as local bands. Look for a band that has regular gigs … that will save you lots of time … and frustration … in choosing a band.

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