6 Tips To Make Drumming Easy

While the majority of drummers still chase “flashy tricks,” you’ll find the ones who are quietly cashing in night after night are the ones who focus in on another stat. They focus on playing a groove that feels good. They also focus on turning those grooves into the support of great songs.

When you do that, drumming becomes easy.

Playing in a band becomes easy when you can groove and make it feel good because you know the song and put the song first.

Bands will line up at your door to let you play with them, because you can play the songs and provide the foundation for the songs.

It’s all about producing songs that the audience wants to hear.

How can you and the bands you play with do this?

They know their audience. They know what the audience likes …and they give it to them. You as the drummer can know what the band likes and give the audience a fun experience.

6 Tips To Make Drumming EasyAdapt to the changes or get run over by them because this not is going to change. Those who understand it will prosper. Those who don’t will disappear over time.

Here are 6 methods to increase your value to the band and to your audience.

1. Irresistible Groove

It’s about the groove. Make the groove as enticing as possible. This isn’t always about complexity. It’s about giving people the most valuable thing for the song.

Is your groove unique and a BETTER feel than the competition?

2. Add in Drum Fills That RELATE to the Initial Groove

These should build on your unique groove and follow the model of making an additional impact on the audience. They also increase your immediate excitement in the audience, especially if you’re good at executing the fills and building the song.

And they don’t have to be annoying. Listen to classic songs and watch how they use fills to increase the impact of the song. Unless you’re watching for them, they’re so subtle you might not even notice them all.

3. Overdeliver

Underpromise and overdeliver. Give an additional bonus to the song by using dynamics to create contrast in the song. Do something a little extra to give a Wow factor to your audience. This sets you up for the next element.

4. Know the Songs

What else do you offer to the band and the audience? When you overdeliver on the groove and the drum fills and the dynamics, it all comes together if you know the song. The band is ready and willing to follow the drummer because they are having a such a good experience.

Know the form of the song. The intro, the verses, the chorus and the bridge. When you know the song you can lead the band with confidence … and they will follow you.

5. Make use of all elements

Some of your audience like to watch the drummer. Others like to listen to the sound of the band and the drums. Still others like to feel the music.

If you focus only on what is important to you. Maybe the sound. You will be missing some important elements to creating the most value for the audience.

Pay attention to how you look. The expressions on your face when you’re playing.
Some people may not hear the band but they will remember if the drummer looked like he was having a good time.

Pay attention to how the sound and volume of your drums is impacting the audience. Make sure it is a good impact.

6. Simple But Professional Looking Drum Set

The look of the drum set does matter. It needs to be easy to setup, professional looking, and provide the most important elements and sounds for the band.

The good news is that the drum sets most used today are simple and its pretty easy to get setup and ready to play. Avoid the big complex setups that are so famous.

So, if the groove is incredible. You will get more attention than you’ve ever seen. Keep it simple. The band and the audience will love you.

This gives you a very successful model to follow.

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