Are drum lessons worth it?

Are drum lessons worth it?

I have seen many self-taught drummers and it is perfectly fine to learn drums on your own. Listening to records and playing along is a fantastic way to learn to play. This takes great motivation and desire to keep it up. I learned to play the drums on my own when I was young. I was even able to get professional jobs playing without ever taking a lesson. In retrospect, I can see how unusual that was.

Go to the next level

My playing ability really took off when I found the right teacher and the right method. I was in college before I ever took a real drum lesson. I had been playing drums in a band for many years. I do remember having to break some bad habits and, in some ways, returning to square one.  And this was not easy.

So to answer my original question … are drum lessons really important?  After many years of experience, I would say that drum lessons are very important. Finding a great teacher can really open up the drumming world to you. A great teacher can put it all together for you and help you progress much faster than you can on your own.

BUT … what is the most important thing?

By far, the most important thing is DESIRE. What is your desire to play drums? Is it a burning desire and a passion that you can’t get out of your mind? Are you willing to do what is necessary?  Are you willing to find the teacher?   Are you willing to dedicate the time?   DESIRE is the most important element in learning to play drums. Do you have it?

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