Are you bored with your drumming?

Are you bored with your drumming or are you bored with what you are practicing?

This is an important issue in learning anything. What happens when you get bored and don’t want to do it anymore?  That can happen to the best of us.

It is important to monitor how you are feeling and why you are not into what you a doing on your instrument.  Some people will recommend that you plow through when you are in this state.  Some will suggest you take a break and come back to it.

The key to enjoying your playing … and not being bored … INSPIRATION.

Are you inspired?  If not, why not.   Where does inspiration come from?  How can you find it or get it when you don’t have it? These are great questions … but not easy to answer.

The short answer to these questions … surround yourself with beauty … beautiful music, beautiful pictures, beautiful words … whatever can raise you spirits.

You will find inspiration if you look for it … and ask for help.

This is not an excuse to avoid your responsibilities … or blow off the day and not practice or do your work. There is a great article in Success Magazine with David Foster. I’m not a huge fan of David Foster but I do respect what he has achieved in his career. The interviewer asked him what he does when he hits a block. He just stays at it … he does not give up.

That is important … the inspiration will come if … you keep at it. Be aware of how you’re feeling and … realize who what you are doing will benefits those you love.   Hahahaha.   That’s it … what is your motivation?  A lot of inspiration and motivation will come when you realize who and what you are doing it for.  HINT … it’s not about you.

Roadblocks and motivation issues happen for us all.  Look and inspiration and keep at it.

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