Are you ready … to play drums in a band?

That is an important question. Are you ready to perform in a band? This has less to do with technical ability and more to do with simple things to get your self prepared.

The king of late night TV used to be Johnny Carson. For 30 years no one could compete with his late night TV show. Today many different personalities are available for your viewing pleasure … Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, or Jimmy Kimmel … you know the names. For many years, the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson was the platform to launch many successful TV personalities, musicians and entertainers.

Someone asked Johnny Carson one time what it takes to be successful. His answer was very simple and very true. To be successful, it takes two things … 1) an opportunity and 2) preparation. 

For many people they are waiting for an opportunity and fate is important for this. But the second key to success is something you can control every day. And that is … drum roll please! … …
Are you ready?  Are you prepared for the opportunity when it arrives? 

When I watch American Idol with my family, it is so easy to see who is prepared and who is not prepared. Yes, some have a God given gift but for many you can see that they are prepared.  They are ready for the challenge of the contest to see who will be the next … American Idol.  For you, it is a matter of answering that simple question … are you ready?

REMEMBER … this is not about high level technical skills … it is about simple confidence in your ability to play what is required. Many times … what is required is something very simple.

Get your self READY!!!


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