Best Drum Videos – Of All Time

The best drum videos … of all time … are a bit harder to get a handle on.  A couple reasons for this is because video … whether VHS, Betamax, DVD, or … are relatively new compared with books. It was much easier to find the 10 best drum books of all time.

With that said … video is a much more influenctial medium than books … simply because you can learn so much more by watching.  For me, I learned so much  when I was 13,14, 15 years old sitting backstage watching great drummers play. I can remember the awe and amazement of the sound and the style and the variety.  Nothing will compare to your ability to learn to play drums than … watching other drummers.

Video is a key part of this … although video is, at times, a very sterile environment if it is an instructional video. I prefer to see players playing live for an audience and with a band.

So … how can we determine the best videos of all time?  For now, I will exclude youtube and all the online video venues.  I will use as my metric. To be the best you need to be packaged and sold … I know, I know … that is an artificle boundary but a necessary one.  I will also exclude the best drum performance of all time.  This would be drummers playing in a band and for an audience.  So … the best drum “instruction” videos of all time.

Drum roll please …

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