BOOK_REVIEW: The New Breed by Gary Chester

This book is one of a kind … and the author, Gary Chester, was one of a kind.  First published in 1985, this book changed the lives of many drummers around the world. [including mine]

In a nutshell, this book introduced “systems”. A system is the collection of beats coming from each limb.  Each limb [arms and legs] are assigned a beat. For example, the right arm plays eighth notes, the left arm plays 2 and 4,  and the left leg plays quarter notes … the right foot plays … a melody line. A melody line is any rhythm … and the book includes pages and pages of melody lines. At first, you can play one melody bar at a time. As you progress, you can combine melody lines to create all kinds of beats.

This book will make you a great sight reader on the drumset. It was voted one of 25 best drum books by Modern Drummer Magazine. The author spent fifty years playing drums for many recording studios before he published it.

Regardless of style, this book can help your set playing. This book also will help you to improve your time,I am proud to own this book. When you finish this book, your brain will be a little bit larger. This book makes you think and it’s a challenge that will make you a better drummer.

 This book is loaded with excercises that will dramatically improve limb independence. Patience, persistence, and passion is required in order to get through it. This is one of the best drum books for drum set available today, hands down.  It starts simple, with quarter notes, and by the end of the book, its highly syncopated 16ths.  This book will separate the men from the boys or the women from the girls. Gary Chester found a way to teach drumset that enabled us all to play better.


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