Do you have any natural talent to play drums?

WOW — that is such a great question —

There are a number of ways to look at this question. The first is to think back over your history. When you were younger, did you have a desire to beat on things? The example I’ve heard over and over is the little baby who pulls the pots and pans out of the cabinet and starts beating on them with spoons and knives [or whatever they can find].

If you persisted for any time beating on the pots and pans, I would say that the desire to play Do you have any talent to play drums?drums was basic in your personality.

Other examples of having a natural desire to play drums is — sitting in class or at work patting your feet and hands to the song you’re hearing in your head. If this persisted and has become a habit for you, I’d say that you have a natural, built-in desire to play drums.

A fundamental to playing music and playing drums is to have rhythm and be able to carry a beat. The first question to ask yourself is do I have rhythm? What this means is that, am you able to hear a song and play along, either on your hands or feet. If you do this naturally, I’d say that you have a built-in desire to play the drums.

The last way to determine if you — have any talent to play the drums — is to talk to a professional. Either a drum teacher or musician. Start making progress and look at your skills realistically.

Find someone who will tell you the truth — think Simon Cowell from American Idol. Simon does a lot of people, and the world, a favor by being brutally honest with people. As you know from watching the show, they don’t like it, but he tells them any way. Find someone like that to assess you current skills and background. I’d rather know the truth now rather than spend years working on something you have no talent for.

Hope this helps. This was a few ideas to determine if you have any talent to play the drums.

Of course, I’ve also got a more comprehensive course which you should look at here when you’re ready: We can help you get ready to play.


OK, I’ll leave you with that for right now.

Thanks again for your willingness to give me a shot. I know you’ll be happy you did.

All my best,

Marshall :-)
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