Donovan McNabb Playing Drums

Did you see this story … Donovan McNabb may play drums before the Dallas Cowboys game this Sunday. I hope there is video … I’m sure there will be.

I wonder if he’d like a free drum lesson. Probably not … he has the cash to pay. ;)    Glad to see him having some fun. Football is a game … but for some people it becomes more than that.  He is trying to lighten it up … life is short, have some fun.

It’s the same way with drumming. Some people take it so seriously that the fun is lost. It’s important to remember that it’s called “playing” for a reason. Remember when you were a kid … playing was what it was all about … and it was fun. That’s the way playing drums should be … and playing football. ;)

As soon as the video is out … I’ll be watching.

See Dallas Morning News Article

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