Should all drummers use a metronome?

The answer to this question is … absolutely.  When you first start playing drums you … typically hate the metronome.  It messes with you … and playing with a metronome at first … is no fun.

BUT … in the long run it will be well worth it. Also, given the fact that the fundamental thing, most important to drumming, is great time keeping. For most of us without perfect time … we need to rely on our tools … and the metronome is tool number 2.  [Number one being your drum sticks]

So … even if you hate the metronome and you can’t play to it … use it to start the song. This is half the battle. If you can start in the right place … you chances of ending well are greatly improved.

Also, use an ear piece when using a metronome. It is very difficult to track tempo with your eyes. Ears are much better suited to this. And your eyes can be used for other important things … like watching the other members of the band.

Don’t even think about it … get a metronome and use it.


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