how fast should you be able to play drums

People love to debate subjects like this.
Ask drummers about playing fast, and it seems they always have a definitive answer.

Ask most drummers in professional situations and they’ll tell you that playing fast is important.

Ask the average drummer, and they’ll say nobody needs to play that fast.

Ask the drummers for classic rock bands and they’ll tell you simple solid beats are better.

What’s the real answer.

How fast should you be able to play?

You should be fast enough to play the song. Period.

But here’s where the problem comes in. What are you playing and how much speed is required to play it?

Where are you on the “speed continuum?”

It’s not about fast playing versus slow solid playing.

It’s about the song.

It’s about where the band is and the style they play…and what is required for the song.

But let’s take a different band. This band is interested in playing a different style.

You need to find out the range of speed required to play the music in the band, and develop the skills that can accomplish this.

You need to play all the songs the band has. You may need to find ways to achieve this speed and know all the options available to you.

It’s not about you or how much you want to play fast.

It’s all about the song and what the band needs to perform.

Are you ready to play now?

Or are you in the training phase where they need to do more?

Or perhaps you haven’t even thought of this issue before?

Depending on the situation, everyone of those fast versus solid beat answers can be correct.

Change the song and who the band is…and the answer changes.

The only correct answer is…fast enough to play the song and solid enough to keep the song interesting.

Hope this helps!

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OK, I’ll leave you with that for right now.

Thanks again for your willingness to give me a shot. I know you’ll be happy you did.

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