Kenny Aronoff explains “the most important thing about playing drums”

One of the great drummers of all time explains “the most important part of drumming” … that would be making the beat feel good. This is kind of subjective … because a beat that feels good to one person may not feel good to another. However, there is a reason a beat may not feel good to someone. That is because the beat and the feel may be inappropriate for the song. This is a hard one to explain but through experience and the school of hard knocks, you will begin to understand what this means.

Kenny goes on to explain that the drummer is … “the spirit, the soul, the emotion in the band”. This is so true. Many people know that the drummer is the heartbeat of the music but they are also the heart beat of the band.

When playing, realize this and consider the emotion and spirit of the music.
Check out what Kenny has to say about this …


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