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Buying A Kids Drum Set

Lots of people ask me … what drum set should I buy for my kids?
Here is my recommendation … kids drum set

Some of the things I considered in my recommendation are …

  • Quality of the equipment.
    Buy something that will last and will have resell value when you are ready to upgrade.
    OR … heaven forbide … you don’t play much.
  • Price is important … but value is what you get.
    My recommendation is based on price but … you want to get something of value.
    Many of the kids drum sets are total … garbage.
    They won’t last and they will end up in the trash.
  • Everything included … many of the drum kits that are sold are INCOMPLETE.
    If you don’t play drums you don’t even realize they are incomplete. Some don’t include cymbals. Some don’t come with a seat.
    Some don’t include all the hardware you need. My recommendation provides a complete drum set … EVERYTHING YOU NEED.
    Nothing worse than opening the drum set for Christmas
    and some parts are missing.
  • Where to buy.

Hope this helps!


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