Learning Songs … for Drummers

Here is the process I use to learn a song. I find that I can learn more material faster by … using a pen and paper to chart out the form of the song.  The chart gives me a visual of the roadmap or flow of the song. I can use the chart if I need or I can put it aside when I’m ready. This routine will work for any style of music.

Here is part one …

As you can see, it takes just a few minutes to become very confident in the form of the song. This will help everyone in the band. It was also help you to become a leader … leaders have a roadmap and ask everyone to follow it.

Here is part 2 …

Now, compare that with how long you would normally spend learning a new song. We’ve spent 12-15 minutes and our understanding of the song is very good. [actually, in my experience, your understanding of the song is well above average] Most people are guessing at the form of a song when they first play … unless them’ve created their own chart.

Hope this helps!


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Dave Cruikshank June 12, 2010 at 10:52 pm

Thank you for taking the time to really show us how you do this. I can see where this will really speed up learning a song and getting it right.
Too often I jump right in on the kit with the song on the iPod and get frustrated. Only later do I really listen to it, part by part and then hear what’s really going on. What you just showed takes that to the next level and eliminates a lot of frustration. Dave

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