Phil Collins Drumming in the Band

Phill Collins drummingThis blog is dedicated to playing drums in a band. There are many examples of drummers who have become the leader of the band they were a part of.

Phil Collins in one of these examples.  Not all drummers aspire to be the leader of the band but … I know there are things we can learn from a guy who plays drums and became the leader.

What can we learn from Phil Collins about playing drums in a band? 

  1. Improve your skills … ’cause you never know
    When Phil started his career with Genesis he was the drummer and not the lead singer.  When Peter Gabriel left the group, they auditioned 400 other singers before they settled on Phil.  [thanks guys for the vote of confidence]
  2. Build on your strengths. 
    Your strengths may be singing or other instruments or technically with the sound. Do what you can. 
  3. Be flexible and open minded to the possibilities
    Do what is necessary to help the band succeed.
    Be flexible and be willing to try different things to help the band.

If you know of comments from Phil concerning playing drums in a band, share them here … If you know of articles or interviews where Phil talks about playing in a band … let me know.


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If one looks on: there are some articles
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