Play Drums with Marshall

Welcome!! Glad you stopped by.

We’ve created audio courses, video courses, e-books, online
lessons programs — you name it. We have many things to
offer, and it grows every day.

But the one thing I offer is private lessons. Now, this is not
some thing I can do a lot of because my time is limited, but
I do have private students that I work with every week.

If you are interested …

Here’s how it works …

Every week I will send you a lesson video to watch
and then practice what is on the video.

Every week I will review your progress
by phone or Skype or youtube video. I will send
you feedback on your progress by email or video.

If you do not have a computer to do Skype or
a camera to do video, we can talk by phone.
You will need to be near a drum set when we
talk by phone. It will also help if you have a
headset for your phone.

If you have a camera, record yourself playing
the lesson. Set the camera on a tripod [use
whatever you have]. Upload the lesson to Youtube
[or one of the other video services] for me to review
your progress.

I will send you feedback on your playing of the lesson.

If you have a computer to do Skype, setup the computer
beside the drum set. We can talk at our scheduled time.

If you are interested in doing this, I charge $20 a week
for lessons. We charge by credit card each week.

Here is the link to register for the lessons —
Register Now

As far as equipment, here is a blog post I did about
equipment options.

What equipment do I need to take lessons?

It would be so awesome to show you how to play drums
and see you someday up there on stage rock’n on the drums.
I will tell you, there is no greater feeling than playing music
and seeing people having fun. I would love for you to
experience that.


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Chad April 26, 2011 at 6:39 am

Hey Marshall,

Just want to let everyone know how much I enjoy the drum lessons with you.

You encourage me and challenge me … to get better every week.

thank you so much … I will be playing with a band soon.


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