Single Most Important Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Drumming

What is the single most important you can do to improve your drumming?

Do you have an answer?  Do you know immediately what you can be working on to improve your drumming?

If you don’t know the answer to this question … find out now. Because if you don’t know … you are lost … and all your abilities to accomplish something are lost.

The way to get anything done is by FOCUS … and if you don’t know … and aren’t clear on what you need to accomplish … you may accomplish something but not the most important thing.

Here are some areas to consider working on … to improve your drumming

  • being prepared … when you go out and play … know the songs and the arrangements
  • better time … if you can play with better rhythm and time … you will be a better drummer … use a metronome
  • have the right equipment … be setup and ready for rehearsal or the performance … so you can focus on the playing and not what equipment you are missing
  • PRACTICE … and make it fun.

Ultimately, we are doing this because it makes us happy. Playing drums should be fun … after all it is called … playing. ;)


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