Teachers – who needs ‘em?

Who needs a teacher?  We all do and learning to play drums is no exception. I know I sound like the church lady here … but learning to play drums is fun and rewarding. And if you want to progress and get the rewards of playing, having a teacher will help you progress to your goal faster.

Now … when I say “teacher” … I am not necessarily saying you need to go to your local music store and find the local drummer. NO … there are ways to find the greatest teacher in the world. And they are available to you NOW … this is not a sales pitch.

The great teachers of drumming have been around for centuries … and they have used the mediums [words, pictures, audio, video] of their day to pass along their wisdom.  It is up to you to find it.  Find the books, find the videos, find the websites, find the programs.

Some of the great drum teachers have also been great drum players. To me, this has always been a benefit. If a guy knows how to play himself, then I respect him to show me. This can be a little deceiving … so be careful. Consider … you are the greatest golfer in the world … do you need a teacher?  Of course you do and the greatest have many teachers. But you say, how can a teacher teach the greatest drummer in the world?  Because a teacher can observe what you are doing and help you to improve. A great teacher can hold you accountable to your hopes and dreams. And encourage to continue when you feel like giving up.

So … who needs a teacher?  We all do. Find a teacher to day … and take your playing to the next level. You will not be disappointed. The results will be their own reward.

hope this helps.


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