Turning the habit of self-criticism upside down

Is this familiar?

You want to join a band or you want to talk to the band about improvement
to the song list or sound. But you decide not to say anything. You are unsure — and just
say — what’s the use.

What is the voice inside your head saying …
Is the voice inside your head helping you or hurting you?

What your internal dialog says to you — is a habit.
What is this was reversed?

What is the opposite of criticism? The answer is praise … self-praise.
Not very popular to talk about because it is … considered self-centered or egotistical.
But that is only true if you are telling other BUT — what if you are talking to yourself?

Is it OK to encourage yourself? I say — YES.

And the flip side—when talking to ourselves, what if we were a little more supportive?
How might our lives be different?

It’s not an easy habit, but it works.

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