What do you want from your drum lesson?

There are so many ways to approach drum lessons.  And there is so much to learn about drumming. It truly is amazing. And I think for some people, when they realize how much there is to it … overwhelming.

Here are just a few of  the areas you can focus your drum lessons on …

  • How to play drums by ear.
  • How to get the most out of your practice time.
  • Hand and foot techniques
  • Drum rudiments & Drum fills
  • Learning songs … fast and effective
  • Drum setup and body mechanics
  • Drum tuning and cymbal selection
  • Drum music and notation
  • How to build endurance and speed in your feet and hands.
  • All musical styles: rock, county, jazz, r&b, latin, reggae, gospel … you name it. 
  • How to play dynamically
  • How to play drums with a band

Seems like a lot and within each item above … there are many directions to take your drumming.  For example, there is so much in playing styles … how to play a heavy metal beat versus a dance groove. How to play a shuffle for Texas swing or a shuffle for Chicago blues. Two different things.

The beauty of playing drums is that there truly is no end to it … and that is a good thing. It is something you can enjoy and pursue for a lifetime.


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