What do you want to learn? What is your dream?

These are great questions … and really important to ask yourself before you start taking drum lessons.

What is your dream?  Do you want to play in your high school band? Do you want to play in a local bar with your friends?  Do you want to play in the local jazz band?

Making a decision about what your dream is … will tell you what type of lessons to take and what teacher to look for. It all starts with vision.

When you decide what your vision is … you can determine what you need to know. If you want to play in the marching band … you need to learn rudiments and stick control. If you want to play drum set in a rock band … you need to learn rock beats. It’s that simple … but surprising how often people end up with the wrong teacher and with the wrong type of instruction.

Teaching is really just another word for communicating and when you take drum lessons you need to make sure you understand and the communication lines are open. If you are having a hard time communicating with your teacher you will have a harder time really learning. The relationship with your teacher should have a natural feeling of trust and respect.

Hope this helps.


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Bayli Corpus September 4, 2010 at 7:33 pm

I want to learn how to play drums because all my friends play guitar and I wanna do a different instrument.My favorite band is Soad and I want to be as good as their drummer. My dream is to be a Drummer for a new starting rock band and a actrist.

admin September 10, 2010 at 7:26 am

What are you doing to learn to play drums? Have you found any good videos or books or teachers?


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